I want you to take a moment and imagine a world where…

✓  You walk into your kitchen and know where everything is, what food you have, and when you need to use it by! 

✓  You feel clear and inspired on what to cook for dinner! 

  You save money on groceries monthly and cost of groceries goes down! 

✓  You no longer throw out good food and have an exact plan of what to do with whats in your fridge and freezer - without fail! 

✓   You have a system to inspire your leftovers and odds and ends of ingredients and reinvent them into drool worthy meals your family loves! 

Yup, it's possible! I got you covered.

The Meal Planning System That Starts Backwards! 

Yep! Our meal plan begins opposite of what other plans do! Instead of starting with recipes and a grocery list, we want you to use what you have FIRST. I bet you have a kitchen full of good food that needs to be eaten!

We give you all the resources, tips and recipes to inspire you to start your meal prep from your fridge first! 

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This program will allow you to…


 Do a Full Kitchen Detox of your fridge, freezer and pantry! 


 Label and Take Inventory - Create a seamless system for your kitchen


✓ Replenish Your Kitchen with Good Food & Good Energy 


✓ Start Meal Planning from your kitchen first, supplement with a short grocery list


✓ Use our Blank Canvas Recipes to be flexible and always know what to cook! 



Discover ALL THE THINGS I’ve learned from teaching thousands of people my reverse meal planning methods and all of the strategies I have developed over my 16 years of publishing with Steamy Kitchen and our 75 million visitors from all over the world! 


It’s the same step-by-step strategy I’ve used consistently in my own life. 

Save Money 

Let's stop spending so much on groceries shall we? We teach you how to start shopping from your kitchen first. Start saving money by not buying things you don't need, already have or don't even know you have! With our system of detoxing your kitchen and taking inventory, we help you save money on groceries! 

Reduce Food Waste

We are passionate about helping you reduce your food waste! By walking you through our process of reverse meal planning, we help you to truly understand how to use every bit of your food, before the expiry date! We teach you how to love and repurpose your leftovers and use up every bit of produce in your fridge!

Stay Inspired

We give you the inspiration to always know what to make for your weeknight meal! With Blank Canvas recipes, you can always be inspired on what to cook and never be left with the question "What should I make for dinner?". We give you the framework to make recipes that start with what you already have! 

How does it work?

Step One: Full Kitchen Detox and Organization System 

Step Two: Take Inventory Of What You Already Have! 

Step Three: Reverse Meal Plan your meals for the week with Our Blank Canvas Recipes 

Step Four: Supplement with a Restock Grocery List on any final ingredients you need! 

“It’s so refreshing to open my refrigerator and see it CLEAN and NEAT. It feels soooo good. Thank you for guiding me! My freezer is next and I am so excited!”

- Linda G. from New York 

“Working backwards for meal planning has changed the way I look at recipes. We are saving money every trip to the store.I can’t believe we’ve never done this before.”

- Julia H. from Texas 

“The “Shop from your own kitchen” way to meal plan is amazing. Before, we used to throw away and waste so much food. Now every item has a purpose and plan.”

- Monica L. from Illinois 

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Meet the Author:

Jaden Hair 

Jaden helps home cooks give new life to their leftovers, use up every last bit of veggies in the drawer with Buddha Bowl recipes — delicious, nutritious one-bowl meals.

Jaden is a television chef, professional recipe developer, cookbook author and award-winning food blogger at SteamyKitchen.com, a free resource for home chefs to gain inspiration and accessible recipes to the foods they love most. 

With over 8 million pageviews and over 550,000 unique users per month, SteamyKitchen.com is one of the largest blogs in the world. Her YouTube cooking channel has received 500,000 hours of watch time with 14 million views.

Jaden has authored two other cookbooks:  The Steamy Kitchen CookbookSteamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites. She is a regular chef on the syndicated Daytime Show, and was one of the chef stars on ABC’s Recipe Rehab Show.

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